Todmorden High School column: Student Ellis Ward (Year 13) on visit to engineers

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As a sixth form student studying product design at A-level, I had the opportunity to go on a short trip to the recently established Volker Stevin site located at the Salford Industrial Estate across from Morrisons.

The trip was to further educate the A2 and AS students on exactly what has been going on around the town to help support the local community with the increasing number of floods, and also to give us an insight into the engineering industry.

Many people may have been affected by the work that Volker Stevin has been doing, but it has already made a tremendous impact on several key sites around the town.

For example, reinforcing the structures under the town market, Water Street - which we learned had been ready to collapse at any moment - and also the new area at Morrisons.

Volker Stevin will also be planting some orchards here to further enhance the new look of the site in conjunction with Incredible Edible.

Finally, as a student wishing to be involved in the engineering industry, this trip has given me an insight into how things really work.

For example, there are many branches of engineering, each with their own skill set, and we had the benefit of speaking to an expert in his field of industry.

A key thing we learnt was that work experience is an invaluable asset to have alongside academic qualifications.