Todmorden High School column: What young people really think on drink

Over the last few years we have seen more and more people turn to binge drinking, especially teenagers.

This report is an insight into what the teenagers think about binge drinking – do they find it right or wrong, and whether or not they binge drink themselves.

I interviewed teenagers in the Todmorden area to see what they think.

An unofficial survey was send round our class and the results that came back weren’t as shocking as we would have thought.

Just over half of the people that were questioned had only had one or two odd drinks in their time. The other set of people questioned were drinking every one or two months.

In the survey pupils were asked what they drank and where they drank.

Most people asked said that they preferred to drink spirits instead of beer, and out of all students asked most said they drank indoors instead of outside.

Many pupils were interviewed on what they thought about underage drinking and the responses were not all quite the same.

One pupil asked replied: “Some people make out that teenagers drinking is dreadful when really it’s not as bad as it seems.

“Many teenagers just drink at social events such as parties or just when they are with friends. Only sometimes does it get out of hand.”

Other takes on teenage drinking were completely different. Another student said: “Drinking under-age should only be right under parental supervision because nine out of ten times something goes wrong.”

Because the responses were so different, we decided to ask a teacher at the school what their thoughts were.

“Many students might find drinking fun and harmless, but they do not yet know what the consequences might be later in life.

“As their body is not yet capable to digest the sort of alcohol and quantities of alcohol some teenagers drink, I feel it is bad.

“The law states 16 to be able to drink, and the law is the law.”

There have been many consequences to drinking underage. You have a more likely chance to do bodily harm to yourself and in most cases end up in hospital.

Many young people when they are drunk tend to lose most of their things such as mobile phones, money and purses and even house keys so that they are not able to get home.

Many children when drunk tend to stumble about when walking, causing them to fall over and nine out of ten times severe harm is done to them.