Todmorden High School: Trip of a lifetime for our ski-ing party

Todmorden High School's skiers
Todmorden High School's skiers

In March, 28 students from Todmorden High School departed on their journey to the ski resort Risoul in the southern French Alps.

For most students, this was their first time on skis and they were all very excited about the trip of a lifetime.

As we arrived in Risoul after a 25-hour coach journey, we couldn’t believe our luck, it was snowing!

Conditions for skiing the next day would be perfect.

The first day was a challenge for us all as we attempted to walk in the first time in ski boots (not as easy as you might think) and then putting our skis on and learning the art of how to get down then mountain in a controlled way!)

We were all pleasantly surprised how quickly we got the hang of turning and stopping, and once we had mastered this it meant that we could try more and more adventurous things!

Throughout the week we also had some fun activities arranged in the evening which involved a town trail, a quiz, movie night, pizza night and the opportunity to go an watch the ‘Big Air’ show which a group of snowboarders and skiers showing off their skills.

As the week came to an end it was unbelievable to think how nervous we all were at the beginning of the week and how difficult skiing appeared to be!

We could now make our way down the mountain side on some trick blue runs and some of the more advanced groups even got to try out some red runs, off piste skiing and a few jumps.

It was the trip of a lifetime and something that we will not be forgetting in a hurry.