Todmorden In Bloom - Collect favourite seeds now for next year’s display

Todmorden In Bloom
Todmorden In Bloom
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Todmorden in Bloom remind you that all gardening is ‘work in progress’! Our bedding plants in the barrier baskets around Todmorden are flowering beautifully.

Midsummer colourful flowers need regular dead heading to extend their season into early autumn.

If you leave old blooms untouched they should set seeds, yet if you remove old blooms they should provide another flush of flowers. Nature wisely gives us choices!

Container grown plants need feeding and watering, especially during dry weather. It’s also a good idea to mulch your thirstiest plants and shrubs.

Now is the time to start collecting ripe seeds from your favourite flowers.

For example, poppy seed heads are just like miniature rattles, begging you to save them towards your next year’s floral display.

Ensure you store gathered seeds in paper bags or envelopes as plastic creates moisture leading to mould. Labelling is essential!

Aromatic plants peak in August.

This month we suggest that you take cuttings from tender perennials like Fuchsias.

Plants that are showing their age looking leggy such as Lavender can be cut back so that there is time to regenerate before winter.

Herbs like Mint can be trimmed down whilst the dry weather predominates, thus giving a second chance of cropping in the autumn.

Favourite blooming perennials include Phlox, Crocosmia, Sunflowers and Rudbeckia.

This year of 2014 has shown a long and early growing season following the mild winter, wet spring and long summer sunshine. Gardening is ever changing and gardeners are ever optimistic folk.

Todmorden in Bloom will always welcome more helpers, especially now during these busy months.

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