Todmorden In Bloom: Golden crocus emerging as spring approaches

Crocus in full bloom - and now emerging from Todmorden In Bloom's tubs
Crocus in full bloom - and now emerging from Todmorden In Bloom's tubs

The daylight is lengthening well now!

Todmorden in Bloom recognizes that our gardens need attention on fine days.

In February, gardeners should make preparations, be patient, peruse catalogues and plan for the forthcoming season.

Gardening is a great way to keep fit!

And it’s free!

Do you realise that the colder the temperature, the more calories we burn off trying to keep warm?

Once you get outside, you will notice all those minute seasonal details like emerging shoots and fattening buds on shrubs.

The spring bulbs are ever reliable.

Here in Todmorden there have been a multitude of snowdrops in sheltered places and now the golden crocus are emerging from Todmorden in Bloom’s tubs and barrier baskets and along grassy banks on Halifax Road.

Winter heathers have a long history for domestic uses.

Nowadays there are many varieties and colours providing efficient ground cover at this time of year.

Praise also goes to the ever-reliable winter pansies with their smiling faces brightening any dull day.

Shakespeare referred to pansies ‘pensive’ looking flower-heads. Pansies look fragile, but are amazingly tough.

Todmorden in Bloom recently held our Annual General Meeting, followed by our usual monthly meeting.

We heard that we have been awarded with ‘Citizen’s Celebration Award’.

We also consolidated our plans for our group presence at Todmorden Agricultural Show, which this year is being held on Saturday, June 20, and holding our first ‘Open Gardens Event’, which will run from July 10 to 12 this year.