Todmorden In Bloom: Life’s just bursting out

A pollinating bee
A pollinating bee

Spring is here and the time is just right to start growing flowers or herbs – even if you’ve never tried before!

Spring is the busiest time as Todmorden in Bloom group know only too well! Try to get ahead before the weeds start growing.

The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up and life is returning to our gardens. It’s a joy to see the plants wake up after the winter months with splashes of colour as flowers burst into bloom.

This is the time to sow seeds indoors or outside. It’s really very easy to grow your own, whether you have a garden, a yard or a windowsill. Prepare the seedbed first – clear any weeds and winter debris, fork over and give a dressing of organic fertiliser. If you’re planting in containers, make sure they have ample drainage holes. Choose plants that you will enjoy or use. Even if you’re new to gardening, you can still be adventurous. Packets of seeds are really cheap!

The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up with insect and birdlife returning. Todmorden in Bloom recommend you stock your garden with insect friendly species to enjoy a butterfly bonanza. Butterflies like warmth so choose sunny, sheltered spots when planting nectar-rich plants. Try to provide a variety of flowering species for a lengthy butterfly season. Spring flowers are vital for butterflies and bees coming out of hibernation and conversely autumn flowers help them build up reserves for winter. Favourites include the easy-to-grow Buddleia (butterfly bush), Verbena Bonariensis with tall stems, flowering through August to October. Verbena is a top favourite of garden designers, besides butterflies and bees! Lavender and other flowering herbs also attract beneficial insects.

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Todmorden in Bloom will always welcome more helpers, especially now during our busiest months ahead.

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