Todmorden In Bloom: Our top tips for January

Snowdrops blooming in late January
Snowdrops blooming in late January

There’s always something to be doing in the garden - whether it’s pruning, tidying or sowing!

So here are Todmorden in Bloom’s top gardening ideas for January.

When the weather permits, do clear paths of moss and leaves to prevent slippery surfaces. Take care not to let leaves accumulate around plants like alpines, as they will die if left damp for long.

After heavy snowfall, brush snow off shrubs to prevent the weight damaging their structure. Cold frames and greenhouses need insulating well. Brush snow off of greenhouses or cold frames to prevent damaging glass.

If you have any especially tender trees, you can pack with straw then secure with fleece for frost protection. Mulches will also protect roots during freezing conditions.

When soil conditions allow, continue to dig over earth, incorporating as much organic matter as you can. Forking over the soil helps reduce pests by exposing them to birds. Unfortunately many weeds will survive the cold weather so, if possible, hoe them away.

Some pruning jobs can be done now. Rose bushes can be cut back to just above a bud, also remove any crossing or dead branches whilst dormant. New bare root roses, trees and shrubs can be planted now.

Cut back any scruffy looking foliage from ornamental grasses to near the ground. Likewise, cut tired looking perennials plants now and you may glimpse the tiny shoots of new growth emerging like magic.

Avoid walking on lawns when blanketed by snow or over-wet, as this damages the grass. But from your armchair you can enjoy 2015 seed catalogues and planning ahead! Remember, snowdrops will soon be blooming!

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