Call for new station to regenerate village

The Todmorden Curve rail link
The Todmorden Curve rail link

Residents and councillors are putting the case for a railway station in Portsmouth to help regenerate the area.

More than 20 people attended a meeting at the Old Library in Cornholme to push for a stop at the old Portsmouth station site, which was closed in 1958.

Those in attendance felt that a station in the village would cut down on car journeys, have a positive effect on housing and also help to attract walkers and tourists.

Coun Mike Hatfield, Todmorden town councillor for the Cornholme ward, who attended the meeting, said: “A lot of people drive into Todmorden to catch the train to Manchester or Leeds.

“By 7.30am the parking area is full and people are parking up side streets.

“Clearly a station in the village would allow them to walk there and alleviate some of that issue.

“It would be a benefit for the people of Cornholme and Portsmouth to have a station within walking distance.”

Coun Hatfield said a station in the village would also help regeneration of the area.

“It’s a deprived part of the borough,” he said.

“Better access to public transport would help to regenerate the area.

“We feel that there is demand for a station. Once the Todmorden Curve is reinstated we should have trains going along that line to Manchester, Burnley and Blackburn.

“It would open up a lot of opportunities for that part of Todmorden.”

Coun Hatfield said he and Coun David Tattersall will approach the local authorities in the area to ask for contributions towards conducting a pre-feasibility study.

At the meeting, Juliet Breeze talked about a survey she did in summer 2011 where she had nearly 500 positive responses about a new station from people in the area.

Caroline Pinder, who also attended the meeting, said: “It would cut down on car journeys to East Lancashire, into Halifax and West Yorkshire and beyond.

“It is an ideal location for bike riders and walkers to set off.

“It would help students travel to Burnley College and have a positive effect on housing along the Burnley valley.”

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