Lick of paint may solve traffic issue

COULD parking problems near a Todmorden school be solved with a lick of paint?

For more than a year safety campaigners have been concerned about traffic flow problems and safety risks caused by cars parking near Castle Hill School, Todmorden.

Todmorden Accident Prevention Council chairman Mr W. Allen and secretary Mr Derrick Kershaw recently met at the school with Mr Haydn Vernals, of Calderdale Council, to assess the situation, observing traffic at the start of a school day.

They found that with the exception of two or three drivers who parked in the police camera bay for a short time to unload children there were only one or two vehicles which parked for short periods on the yellow lines in front of or near the school.

The main traffic flow problem had nothing to do with school activities but was caused by vehciles being parked on both sides of the road on the town centre side of the school. Mr Vernals agreed that the yellow lines that were already in the area needed to be repainted and will report back to the council on the matter.

Members present at the council’s last meeting understood yellow lines were originally planned at the location where most of the problems seemed to be occurring but had not been progressed by Calderdale Council.

Todmorden town councillor David O’Neill, who was present as a member of the public, said that some years ago he had been informed that when the traffic island near the bus garage was constructed part of the plan was to provide such lines at the same time.

Coun Anne James agreed to contact the council’s highways department to take the matter up.