Turbine objectors lose battle

THE Friends of the South Pennines have lost a five-year battle to keep Todmorden Moor free of giant wind turbines.

The Planning Inspectorate has informed objectors that Coronation Power now has all the permissions it needs to build five 125m turbines on the moor above Cloughfoot village, west of Sourhall.

Permission to construct turbines and roadways on Todmorden Moor common land was given after a public inquiry at Todmorden Town Hall in May. The boundary of the common will now be changed.

Sarah Pennie, spokesperson for the objectors, said: “We are all disappointed, but we knew after planning permission was granted in January this year that we stood little chance of saving the common land.”

According to the objectors, Coronation Power must now carry out important investigations and reach agreements with Calderdale Council before any construction work can begin.

Mrs Pennie said nothing will save hundreds of tonnes of recovering peat moorland from destruction.

“That, and the loss of the quiet beauty of the moor enjoyed by so many people, is the saddest thing of all,” she said.