TV crew in town for luck show

A TELEVISION crew has been filming in Todmorden as part of a programme exploring the science and psychology of luck.

After hearing rumours that a family passing through Centre Vale Park had a remarkable piece of good fortune, the team from Channel 4 arrived in town, fronted by journalist and author Dawn Porter.

She first came to Todmorden three weeks ago after hearing rumours that a family picked their lottery numbers soon after patting the statue of a dog in the park - and then won the jackpot.

She has spent several days trying to get to the bottom of the story and to find out whether anyone else has reported unusual incidents of good luck after touching the statue, situated among the remains of the Fielden family house next to the garden of remembrance.

The Channel 4 team has filmed with various people including members of Todmorden Community Brass Band.

Producers are appealing for anyone in Todmorden who has experienced unusual incidents of luck, or if they regard themselves as especially lucky or unlucky, to get in touch by emailing