Twirling for twenty years

Todmorden Town Hall Dancers' 20th anniversary dance - dancers meet their civic guests
Todmorden Town Hall Dancers' 20th anniversary dance - dancers meet their civic guests

DANCERS from the upper Calder Valley gathered at Todmorden Town Hall for a celebratory cha cha cha.

The Todmorden Town Hall Dancers have met for a weekly twirl on the dance floor for two decades.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Todmorden, Couns Margareta Holmstedt and Dorothy Jordan, paid the group a visit and presented the organising committee with a special gift to mark the anniversary.

Margery King, who leads the dances with her husband Peter, said: “It was very nice. We were happy to have the Mayor and Mayoress with us.

“The Mayor said she really enjoyed the music because it was the sort of music that people over 50 and 60 really enjoy.

“We took these dances on 20 years ago. We were in our sixties then and happy to have this outlet for social enjoyment.”

Margery thanked Todmorden town council for donating the hire of the town hall for the anniversary celebration. “It was a nice gesture,” she said.

She encouraged people to take up ballroom dancing as it has lots of benefits.

“Ballroom dancing is one of those things that has no age barrier. You can start when you are young and go right through to when you are as old as my husband, who has just celebrated his 89th birthday.

“The whole point of these dances is that people can come and join the dancing and practise, talk to friends, put their nice clothes on and have a nice time together.

“The first steps you take in any new activity are the hardest ones but you have to keep going.

“I didn’t learn dancing until I was 50. It’s made a new life for me that I could take on into old age.

“I would encourage people to start when you are in your fifties or sixties. Don’t leave it too late because you can’t learn as well when you get into later years.”

The dances are held at Todmorden Town Hall on Monday afternoons from 1.15pm until 3.30pm.

Margery said new members and visitors are welcome, especially younger people.