UFO case in focus

FILM and television company Firefly is to feature a famous Todmorden UFO case in a new series it is making for Channel 5.

The London based company is making a series that is factually based and simply tells the UFO sighting stories from as many peoples perspectives as possible, said assistant producer Kerry Western.

She said the series would include a programme about Todmorden man Alan Godfrey's story from 1980, which is one of the best known cases in the world, and also other sightings at the time.

Earlier that year Alan, then a serving police officer, had been one of the first officers called to the discovery of a man's body on a heap of coal at the coalyard that was then next to Todmorden Railway Station.

Mr Zygmund Adamski's body was found in June 1980, his clothes dishevelled and burns on his head.

He had died of heart failure but how his body came to be there, with no attempt to hide it, has never been solved and the case never officially closed by the coroner's court.

In November that year Alan, who had been called to investigate a complaint that cows had got out of a farmer's field in the Ashenhurst area, was driving along the main Burnley Road when he stopped ahead of a bright light and object he sketched in his notebook.

Consciously Alan cannot remember what happened next but under hypnosis with a senior police officer present described being taken aboard an alien spacecraft.

With reports of a strange movement of light made by police officers in other parts of Calderdale, among others, the case has become one of the best documented of its kind and was linked with the Adamski case by national press, which in 1981 led to a police clampdown on its staff talking about the matter.

Since then Alan has appeared on some of the world's biggest chat shows to talk about the incident, including the Johnny Carson Show, then the biggest show of its type in America and the world.

Closer to home he has periodically given talks about his experiences to raise money for local charities.

Kerry Western said: "In particular I am searching for anyone involved in the 1980 Alan Godfrey case in Todmorden and any other sightings in that area at the time.

"At this stage it is simply research and there is no obligation for anyone to be involved in the programme, just a chat would be good."

She can be contacted on 0207 033 2300 ext.333 or kerry.western@fireflyproductions.tv