VIDEO: First steps across new Elland footbridge

The first pedestrians have crossed a new temporary footbridge in Elland.

Ministerial Flood Recovery Envoy for Yorkshire Robert Goodwill announced earlier this week that £500,000 had been set aside to create the temporary bridge, which will remain in place until the town’s historic crossing Elland Bridge is restored.

Sandra Beal walks across the newly opened pedestrian Bridge, Elland.

Sandra Beal walks across the newly opened pedestrian Bridge, Elland.

Engineers worked through the week to install it. And the footbridge was opened to the public yesterday afternoon.

The opening follows an announcement that Elland Bridge will be rebuilt at a cost to the tune of £5m.

The bridge was badly damaged after unprecedented flooding on Boxing Day. Huge cracks appeared in the stonework and dips developed in the carriageway.

Mr Goodwill said: “We are determined to help the hardworking families and businesses of Yorkshire get back on their feet as soon as possible after these devastating floods. A good local transport system is the lifeblood of the region, and key to a thriving economy.

“I am pleased to announce we are providing a further £5.5 million to restore this important crossing and construct the temporary footbridge.

“This is an important step in keeping the recovery effort on track in Yorkshire and illustrates how the government is standing shoulder to shoulder with the hard-working Elland community as they recover from the floods.”

Both the government and Calderdale Council have worked together on plans for the new bridge.

Coun Tim Swift, leader of the council, said: “The Boxing Day floods have had a devastating impact on homes and businesses across Calderdale.

“I welcome this announcement as it allows us to replace the damaged bridge at Elland, given its strategic importance to the local community, for local businesses and for tourism.

“We are continuing discussions with government about further assistance they can provide to enable Calderdale to recover following this event.”