VIDEO: Three-year-old girl with hearing impairment speaking to santa through sign language

This adorable video shows the moment little Betsy Scott had her Christmas dream come true when Santa spoke to her using sign language.

Monday, 12th December 2016, 12:21 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 10:54 am

Three-year-old Betsy, who has Down Syndrome and impaired hearing and vision, was riding on the Weardale Polar Express, County Durham with her big sister and nana when she was approached by Father Christmas himself.

Normally quite shy, when Santa bent down to speak Makaton to Betsy she began to communicate back.

Betsy’s mum, Kay Scott from Halifax, saw the video that her older daughter, Pheobe, 14, took of the wonderful moment.

Kay said: “It was inclusion at its best and I was absolutely thrilled when I saw it.

“It was a lovely little conservation between them both.

“Betsy is deaf in one ear and she can hear some things so she would have been able to hear Santa but she becomes very nervous when speaking to people and would have probably just run right up into Phoebe’s arms.

“Because Down’s Syndrome children’s speech often develops later and they are naturally visual learners we have been signing with Betsy from a very young age - that is what she is used to.

“I was very emotional when I saw the video - I was so happy that her first experience with Santa was such a positive one.”

Bob Thompson was the Father Christmas on the train and Kay, who lives with her two daughters and husband, Richard Scott, 42, said he has been campaigning to train all Santas in sign language.

Kay said: “Santa plays a big part in every little one’s life and it’s important for them to be able tp communicate with all children.

“It was fantastic.”

Santa has been contacted for comment.