Warning issued to illegal off-roaders

At Mount Skip, Hebden Bridge new off-road vehicles signs erected.
At Mount Skip, Hebden Bridge new off-road vehicles signs erected.

ILLEGAL off-roading and poaching will not be tolerated in the upper Calder Valley.

The message has come from the police, who have stepped up their patrols as Spring approaches.

As we come into the breeding season for wildlife, officers are warning how the misuse of illegal off-road riding can threaten birds nesting on the ground.

Special Constable Phillip Sanderson, Calderdale divisional wildlife officer, said: “All birds are protected in the breeding season. That includes their nests and young. Mere disturbance is an offence and offenders will be prosecuted.

“Mammals, including bats and badgers, will soon be producing young. Their breeding sites are all protected by law.”

Recently, officers have been investigating reports of suspected illegal deer poaching in the Shibden and Mixenden areas of Halifax.

Special Constable Sanderson was West Yorkshire Police’s wildlife officer for the Calder Valley when he was a full-time constable.

He added: “Keen walkers and ramblers are usually fully aware of all their responsibilities in the countryside.

“Police look forward to their continued support in reporting any illegal behaviour and help in identifying offenders.

“Any information passed to police will be dealt with robustly and the appropriate enforcement will be used as necessary,” he said.

Anyone who has any concerns can contact Special Constable Sanderson in the Calderdale division on 0845 6060606.

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