WATCH: Halifax teenagers praised for helping motorists through the snow

Snow disrupted traffic on all routes in and out of town - this picture was taken at Pellon
Snow disrupted traffic on all routes in and out of town - this picture was taken at Pellon

Halifax teenagers have been praised for showing community spirit to help keep traffic moving and people to get home during Tuesday’s snow hit road rush hour gridlock.

Motorist John Durkin was on his way home to Menston, near Ilkley, having left a business meeting in Halifax at 4.30pm.

Heading out of the town centre on Ovenden Road he encountered similar problems getting up the hill which many drivers were experiencing.

“The traffic was unbelievable because cars couldn’t get up the hill. My car’s back wheels were spinning and I couldn’t get up there,” he said.

By this time it was around 7pm but help was on hand, and also further up the road, from some of the town’s young people.

“There were some young ladies who were spreading salt on the road to help get things moving.

“Then further up, just before the traffic lights at Morrison’s supermarket a teenager knocked on my window and suggested I get down to first gear and low revs, which I already was. Three youths were then pushing my car to get me going again,” he said.

John said as the road then flattened out he was finally able to keep moving and reached home around 8.50pm.

All those helping made a difference and deserved praise, he said.

“The people of Halifax were magnificent.

“They were doing this just to help the drivers get home.

“I have lived in Yorkshire for 30 years and have never experience anything like it,” said John.

Jamie McCready also posted a video of teenagers helping drivers in Boothtown. It also shows a gritter stuck in traffic at the beginning of the video.