We can reflect during Lent in different ways

“What are you giving up for Lent?” used to be a popular question and still is in church circles.

We are now half way through Lent.Once Shrove Tuesday and the pancakes were out of the way, it was all about giving something up.

Of course, traditionally Lent is a time of fasting, of disciplining some area of our lives in order to benefit spiritually.

To our modern ears, it sounds a bit severe.

The fasting was usually to do with giving up rich foods and that is how Pancake Day came into being, using up some of the richer foods in the larder before Lent started.

Nowadays it’s just another excuse to enjoy one of our favourite foods!

Maybe this Lent we could do something different.

How about giving up a bit of TV watching or playing on our iPods and spend some quality time with others.

The many voluntary organisations in Todmorden are always looking for helpers.

Maybe we could adopt the Christian Aid idea of each day giving thanks for our warm houses, our food, our running water etc and put some money aside for those who don’t have these luxuries.

Whatever we decide to do, it is good to use these weeks leading up to Easter to spend some time reflecting on what is really important, in this life and beyond.