We’re all ready to march!

Mainwaring's men are on the march again!
Mainwaring's men are on the march again!

ATTENTION! With only a week to go before the Todmorden Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society’s production of Dad’s Army opens its doors, the cast has been getting its marching orders – literally.

Ex-military personnel and local scout leaders have been taking the Walmington-on-Sea platoon through its paces, using the official Manual of Elementary Drill from 1935 to add the authentic flavour of being in the Home Guard during World War II.

“It’s one thing remembering lines and getting the comedy right but we’ve also got to learn the drill,” says James Claxton, who is playing Lance-Corporal Jones. “It usually takes months of drill training to look like a professional troop and we’ve got a week. It’s a tall order but I’m sure we’ll get there.

“The secret is getting it right before we make it wrong. People notice the details, they’ll see straight away if we’re out of time.”

An ironic comment coming from Lance-Corporal Jones, played by Clive Dunn in the TV series, who is notoriously out-of-step with every march!

All of the regulars will be there, and Jones, Wilson, Godfrey, Frazer and Pike will be parading for your pleasure when Dad’s Army opens on Wednesday, June 22, through to Saturday, June 25, at the Hippodrome Theatre, Halifax Road, Todmorden.

Tickets are £6 for the Wednesday evening performance, £8 for Thursday and Friday (£6 concessions) and all tickets are £8 on Saturday night, obtainable from the Todmorden Information Centre (01706 818181), online at www.todhip.org or at the box office on the night (show starts at 7.30pm).