We’re lost in the supermarket...

All lost in the supermarket - our grumpies find them sometimes bewildering places!
All lost in the supermarket - our grumpies find them sometimes bewildering places!

WE’VE turned our thoughts to supermarkets this week - they are one of the topics of the moment.

First of all, the parking. Why is it that when you have parked where indicated you will find that a few will park in the area for disabled drivers (no disability), in the family area (no family) or in the pick-up zone (not picking up)?

We would love to hear an explanation as to why they think the regulations do not apply to them.

Once inside, you find that the store has changed the layout just when you’ve learned where everything is kept.

No doubt some time-and-motion expert and a team of psychologists have concluded that if you put baked beans next to the tablets for wind there is an idea association that will have an effect on sales. Some weeks later a new theory will emerge.

And why do they put special offers in the middle of the aisles where your trolley, which always seems to pull to one side, has difficulty in passing, especially when some other shopper has parked theirs nearby to talk to someone they haven’t seen for a long time.

Then when you do finally arrive at the checkouts, deliberating as to which will be the quickest, you always find the one you choose includes somebody in the queue who has forgotten something, has an item that requires a store announcement to summon a supervisor to indicate a price and then has forgotten where they keep their money or credit card.

Once you get the items home, why is it that items are so well wrapped that unless you have been on anabolic steroids for six months the only way to open them is with scissors or strong teeth.

After all these grumbles, it’s pretty obvious. If we value one of the historical characteristics of Todmorden, we should use and support our own local market.

l ROADS and motorists - how many times do you see a sign which says “men working” and find the road has been dug up and for days, sometimes weeks, men are certainly not working?

Traffic lights are often erected for no apparent reason, left over the weekend and removed early the following Monday. Get together, utilities, please.

Double yellow lines are in abundance but don’t seem to deter the usual group of people who believe the regulations are for others. And why are skips allowed to be parked on yellow lines, sometimes for weeks?

Then there’s the problem of cyclists on pavements. It is understandable that young children are safer there but it is still illegal and the next time anyone (and especially if it’s an Old Grumpy) is knocked down by a tearaway, let’s hope the police and the courts realise the seriousness of the offence.

And how many times do you see a motorist driving and using a mobile phone? One member tried to point out to a driver that he was breaking the law and the driver appeared to indicate with his fingers that he had only done it once or twice.

Motorway driving is another of our grumbles. Why do some people stick in the middle lane whatever the driving conditions and why do lorries doing 45.1mph attempt to pass another doing 45.0mph? Then there’s the tailgater who expects you to move out of their way when all the lanes ahead are full.

If you do leave the space between cars recommended by the Highway Code, someone always nips in it.

It wasn’t like this in the old days.

l GET your thinking caps on ahead of next month’s Old Grumpies column. They’re hoping to compile a top ten “grumbles” and would welcome your input. Their column will give you a few ideas, but they feel sure there are bound to be some that haven’t occurred to them yet - which is where you come in! So over the next couple of months you can email your favourite dislikes to todnews@todmordennews.co.uk, or write in with them, and we’ll pass them on!