We’ve worked hard, so let’s have a party!

The street party at Walsden St Peter Primary School
The street party at Walsden St Peter Primary School

THERE was food, flags and fun as children celebrated the end of term with a playground party.

To reward everybody at Walsden St Peter’s School for their hard work, staff and the parent and teachers association (PTA) organised the party on the last afternoon before the Easter holidays.

Headteacher Peter Stevenson explained that, as the school is on the main Rochdale Road, it was not possible to have a street party, so they used the playground instead.

And with some good weather on the day, it proved to be a perfect way to end a busy term.

“It went really well,” said Mr Stevenson.

“In their lessons the children have been looking at different dishes for the party.

“They have been making pizzas and doing lots of baking.

“Families also sent in food, so we had a nice spread.

“Parents came in to help put up bunting and flags. It looked great.”

Pupils also took part in various games including an Easter egg hunt.

The afternoon ended with a ‘Walsden’s Got Talent’ show in the school hall.

Everybody who took part received a prize from the PTA and parents baked cupcakes for every child.

Mr Stevenson said it had been a really good last day of term.

“It has been a fairly hectic term for everyone but a nice way to finish off,” he said.

“Over the term people have worked very hard so it was nice to give something back and have a bit of a fun afternoon.”

There will be lots of bunting, banners and flags on display around Todmorden on Friday, April 29, as the town celebrates the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Street parties will take place at several locations, pubs are hosting Royal Wedding receptions and the ceremony will be shown live on a big screen at Todmorden Unitarian Church.