Well cast, but some tricky manoeuvres for platoon

Dad's Army, staged by TAODS this week
Dad's Army, staged by TAODS this week

TAODS bring to the stage the popular TV sitcom ‘Dad’s Army’, performing a number of sketches which follow the escapades of Walmington-on-Sea’s Home Guard during the second world war, writes Alison Shelton.

Those familiar with the series will find the warmth and the wit brought to life along with uncannily well-cast main characters who are instantly recognisable in their roles.

The antagonistic relationship between the platoon commander, Captain Mainwaring (Tony Hiley), and his second in command, Sergeant Wilson (Malcolm Heywood), is well conveyed and George Priestley is convincing as the wimpy Private Pike.

There is also some wonderful characterisation, with particular mention going to James Claxton in a very commendable performance as the aging but enthusiastic Private Jones.

It is a shame that the main cast are somewhat lost on occasion on an overcrowded stage and the set, while laudable, appears to hinder, rather than enhance, the performance.

When you produce such consistently brilliant shows, as TAODS does, it is all the more noticeable when a performance lacks the usual flair.

With the sharp comedy, the touch of nostalgia and the great cast, Dad’s Army has the ingredients to make a fantastically memorable show but instead just settles for being an enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

‘Dad’s Army’ runs at the Hippodrome, Todmorden, until June 25 (7.30pm). Tickets can be booked online or through Todmorden Tourist Information Centre either in person or by calling 01706 818181.