Well worth making your way up the big hill to Great Rock

A local co-operative is making the headlines with coverage lined up in several magazines and pub,lications - and the message is that it’s well worth the trip “up the hill.”

Since debuting with a pop-up shop in the run up to Christmas, the Great Rock Co-op Shop has caught the media’s imagination with the Co-operative News, Farmers’ Guardian and Yorkshire Post all featuring, or about to feature, it in the next few weeks.

Co-op member Debbie McCall says: “Since the pop-up shop, we have grown into something definitely worth a trip up the hill, for locally produced, artisan goods, many not available elsewhere in Calderdale.

“You can explore a working farm and see the animals from which the meat in the shop is produced - sows with piglets, sheep, lambs, turkeys, chickens and cattle are all free-ranging on the farm. And we have a spectacular view, arguably one of the best in the area and relatively undiscovered!”

Doubling its number of local producers from 15 to 30 in six weeks, the not-for-profit co-operative relies on help from volunteers, a peppercorn rent, a grant from the Calderdale Community Foundation at start-up and very low overheads to give back 80 per cent of the total selling price to its producers. Debbie says: “This very small mark-up is what the co-op prides itself on. It gives a real opportunity to get small-scale producers selling and developing their ethically produced goods at prices the average family can afford, reduces food miles and lets people get their hands on food and crafts from a source they can see.”

For more on Great Rock, at Staups Lee Farm, Higher Eastwood, Todmorden, log on to www.greatrockcoop.co.uk