What to expect from Yorkshire period drama Gentleman Jack's second series

Suranne Jones as Anne Lister in Gentlemen Jack. Credit: BBC.
Suranne Jones as Anne Lister in Gentlemen Jack. Credit: BBC.

The first series of the hugely popular Gentleman Jack on the BBC has come to an end.

But it has already been renewed for a second series, producers revealed in May 2019, shortly after the show’s UK broadcast began.

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It will be back for eight more episodes, returning to HBO in the USA and BBC One in the UK.

However an air date is yet to be announced and, according to the Radio Times, no script has been written so far.

What will we see in series two?

Series one’s finale ended after protagonist Anne Lister and Ann Walker left the church in York as ‘newlyweds’.

According to the Radio Times' piece, the industrial revolution is something audiences are likely to see highlighted in series two of Gentleman Jack.

There was a big election in 1835 known as "the window-breaking election" because it was the rise of the working classes, and "the landed interest like Anne Lister was becoming less and less powerful", according to the publication's interview with writer Sally Wainwright.

She also said that she wanted to create a third series - and potentially go up to the end of Miss Lister's life in 1840, aged 49.

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Where will the second series be filmed?

The BBC said it will film in various locations across West Yorkshire.

These include Huddersfield, Batley, Bradford, Leeds and, of course, Shibden Hall in Halifax.

Calderdale Council has said that visits to the estate have more than trebled during the broadcast.

Where can I see the first series of Gentleman Jack?

The show is on the BBC's iPlayer for 28 days.