Wide range of ideas to feed increasing number of growing families

Guests get ready to sample some food
Guests get ready to sample some food

THERE are now twenty groups around Britain bearing the Incredible Edible label.

Each of them does things a bit differently, depending on their town and the people involved.

But all of them share the same ethos. Who’s a member? If you eat, you’re in.

What are we in it for? The pleasure of growing and campaigning for local food.

It’s volunteers, freely giving their time, that have made all this happen.

People from many of the other groups gathered here in Todmorden recently.

They’re a feisty bunch.

Maria from the Isle of Wight, who came here for inspiration last winter and went on to help found her local group in the summer, declares: “We’re all vegilantes.”

Over shared local food and chat in the Oddfellows Hall, and touring our growing areas, they exchanged tips and ideas.

We particularly liked to hear about Prestwich’s initiative for community growing areas in their local parks, which they’re calling not-a-lot-ments.

Don’t know if they’ve asked Paul Daniels along to dig!

It was great to put names to faces and find common ground.

Helen from Incredible Edible Wilmslow said after meeting her fellow Ediblers: “Actually they were just simply good folk too, which was so lovely, no pretense, no nonsense, just wanting to do something good for their communities without all the BS!”

That’s BS for Blarney-Stoning, children.

And speaking of Ireland...Declan from Incredible Cloughmills sent us a message even though they couldn’t get here for the get-together.

He wrote about Ediblers: “I firmly believe that the curious minds are the most fertile, so hopefully we will soon have lots of little Incredible Edibles in Ireland, north and south. 

“We will look on them all as proud offspring that we have in some way helped to ‘hatch’!”