Young visitors all see a lamb being born at farm

Learning about lambs at Ramsden Farm, Walsden
Learning about lambs at Ramsden Farm, Walsden

More than 150 visitors flocked to Ramsden Farm during this spring’s lambing season.

Pupils from across Calderdale came to Ramsden, at Walsden, to see new lambs and learn all about the care of sheep and their new-born lambs. All the visitors were lucky enough to actually see a birth.

Visitors enjoyed short talks and demonstrations on many aspects of sheep management. They watched demonstrations of marking and docking, foot trimming, feeding the adult animals as well as helping reluctant lambs to take their first feed.

Due to the cold weather breeding cattle were inside, giving visitors a chance to get close to the animals and some helped with the feeding.

Visitors went on a farm walk and were able to find out about the Twite. Ramsden Farm has a range of environmental schemes to help protect this small, endangered bird.

Children from Shade School, Todmorden, had a busy morning in the lambing shed and then walked down to the wetland area in search of other new life on the farm. They found lots of tiny creatures that live in the water as well as lots of frog-spawn.

The facilities at Ramsden have been sponsored by Natural England as part of a scheme to encourage children into the countryside, to raise their awareness of where food comes from. Due to this sponsorship all visits are, to the school, free of charge, and there is no limit on the number of visits any one school can make. Interested schools should contact Yvonne Howarth on 01706 813667 or email her at