Your cuppa will help eye hospital to fund its work

St John Fellowship members are hoping people will call in for a cuppa when they host a coffee morning this weekend.

The volunteers, many of whom put in years of service with the St John Ambulance service, will have their coffee pots at the ready between 10am and noon on Saturday, June 8, at Central Methodist Church, Bramsche Square, Todmorden.

It will benefit people of all races and religions who are treated at the St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem, which has recently been able to increase the number of patients it treats.

Myra Bairstow, of the fellowship, said all money raised at the coffee morning, one of two held each year, would go to the eye hospital.

“It all goes directly to the eye hospital in Jerusalem, helping with the hospital expenses and prolonging treatment for all diseases of the eye.

“The hospital treats thousands of patients a year and children make up more than a quarter of that number,” she said.

The hospital plays a key role in ensuring that people suffering eye conditions can receive treatment whatever their race or religion, and patients attend from Gaza and the West Bank of Jerusalem.

Additionally, there is no cost to patients who could otherwise not afford to pay for their treatment.

Myra said: “There are doctors at the hospital from several different countries, including the United States of America and Britain.

“Also, outreach clinics have been operational for the past year or so, meaning many more patients have been able to be treated as these are easier to reach without going through checkpoints.

“People have supported us so well in the past, and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning.”

Last year the hospital treated more than 45,000 patients. You can find out more by logging on to