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Counselling can help you through difficult times
Counselling can help you through difficult times

It is often assumed that people should be able to resolve their own problems.

Sometimes we feel that it is not possible to do this on our own but we do not know who to go to for help.

Exploring the issues that are causing us to feel unhappy or anxious with the support of a qualified professional may help to ease the situation and help a person to move forward.

Working with a skilled professional counsellor can give a person the opportunity to explore the difficulties he or she may be facing. The trained counsellor is non-judgemental and will not give advice, but will support the client through changes they may want to make in their lives, for whatever reason.

A problem in your life that is not quickly solved, perhaps because it involves complex emotional issues or ideas you have held for a very long time, can build in your mind until it runs on a kind of loop constantly. At this stage it can seem to affect every decision you make, from how to react to new situations to crucial work and business matters. Working with a skilled professional counsellor takes the problem out of its loop and supports you in viewing it from new angles, using different areas of your own life experience to find a way through and even be better prepared for the next time you have a problem in your life.

A qualified counsellor is trained to deal with many issues. These may include relationship or family issues, anger and stress management, work related issues, bereavement and grief. Some counsellors can specialise in certain issues, such as couples counselling or supporting young people.

The qualified counsellor and hypnotherapist works to professional standards, in a safe, non-judgemental and professional environment.

- Margaret Leighton is a professional, highly experienced counsellor and hypnotherapist, working from Physio and Therapies for over ten years.

Margaret works with individual and corporate clients and has recently returned to adult education, previously teaching accredited courses, including counselling and stress management.

She says: “It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist and you can only really know this when you have met and talked with them.

“You need to feel that you are being heard and understood.

“Like many counsellors and hypnotherapists I invite you to a free initial consultation before beginning therapy.

“This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, to help you feel confident about the process. You also have the right to check that your therapist is properly trained and belongs to an organisation with a recognised code of conduct.

“As an experienced therapist I offer support and a very genuine approach for a wide range of issues, working is a safe and friendly space, where each individual is supported and treated with respect. I look forward to meeting with you.”

To book a free half-hour consultation with Margaret, please call the team at Physio & Therapies on 01706 819464.