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Shiatsu practitioner: Philip Cheshire-Neal's hands at work
Shiatsu practitioner: Philip Cheshire-Neal's hands at work

Shiatsu is a clothed acupressure massage which can work directly on releasing stress and tension that have built up in people’s minds and bodies.

Philip Cheshire-Neal MRSS(T) is the Shiatsu Practitioner at Physio and Therapies in Todmorden.

He is a Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society ( and also the principal and teacher at Shiatsu College Manchester where he runs three year Professional Shiatsu Training Diplomas (

Philip says: “The majority of people I see for Shiatsu come for help in coping with stress, mostly from work or relationships.

“They find that lying down for one hour is often the only time they really stop.

“At the end of the session you can see their shoulders have relaxed, they stand taller, their breathing is deeper and they smile.”

Philip is available for Shiatsu on Wednesday’s until 9pm, appointments can be made by calling 01706 819464.

Philip is also teaching an Introductory Shiatsu Weekend on September 28 and 29 in Manchester - open to all.