Your health with Physio & Therapies: Good nutrition optimises our health and well-being

Vicky Cuben, of Physio & Therapies
Vicky Cuben, of Physio & Therapies

Good nutrition is an essential part of everyone’s daily life to optimise our health and well-being.

Dietitians (registered with the HCPC) are qualified to translate up to date scientific research to practical advice on foods and diet.

Our aim is to empower people to make informed choices in order to lead a healthier lifestyle and/or achieve a specific health related goal.

We are able to assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition problems at both an individual and public health level.

Diet can assist in many medical conditions and is preferable as a first line approach rather than drug intervention.

It is also a way of enabling people to maintain control of their lives and can have a really positive outcome on self-esteem.

A typical consultation would involve discussing your medical history and symptoms, looking at your present diet and lifestyle then establishing a set of realistic goals.

Our aim is to increase quality of life and at no stage should we be making life more difficult!

Most dietitians love food and the last thing we want to do is tell anyone a certain food is forbidden!

Dietitians can be accessed through the NHS via a GP or Consultant referral.

Vicky Cuben (HCPC Dietitian) can be contacted directly though Physio and Therapies.

Her specialist areas are weight management, diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, poor appetite and womens health.

However she is happy to discuss most aspects of diet therapy and keen to enforce that eating should always be a positive experience.

If you would like to book a consultation with Vicky please call our reception team on 01706 819464.