A difference I am grateful for

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I have returned from North Wales after visiting members of my family and while there I walked a path along the coast from Conwy to Llandudno west shore.

It is a walk I have done many times, enjoying the sea and mountain views and the abundant wild flowers.

However, on this visit I was alarmed to see all the flowers along the path had been destroyed for a good half mile of my walk.

I can see no reason for it and await an explanation from someone in Conwy about it. I was shocked.

This letter is to thank all involved in Todmorden for its beautiful growing areas.

As I got off the train and walked left towards home, it was greatly conforting to see the beauty of the plants beneath the railway line, the food growing in the beds near the college and the beauty of Patmos gardens.

I was releived to come home. Although work commitments mean I can’t get involved in local growing groups, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who works so hard to make Todmorden such a green plant-friendly space.

It is so uplifting to be in a town where these things are promoted and encouraged.

Liz Browning,