A ‘free’ Monday will help dancers no end

THE town centre of Todmorden is always very quiet on Mondays, after the busy market days on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - the week begins very slowly.

You might say it is deserted, exccept for the small flurry of activity as people arrive by bus and car for the dancing at the Town Hall.

The dancers hire the hall from Calderdale, so rent goes to them, and it is in Calderdale’s interests to encourage these public-spirited activities.

The admission charge is £2 per person, kept as low as possible because the old age pension is very meagre.

Recently I have noticed that the people who arrive by car seem to be watching the clock very carefully, because they have paid for two hours’ parking - 80p.

But the two hours’ parking gives them less than two hours’ dancing, since time is needed to get to and from the hall.

These elderly folk have the thrifty habits of a lifetime. To have to pay the £1.20 for three hours is rather a lot of money for very little extra benefit.

Until recently, there was free parking available by the old medical centre site, but that has now gone and there is nothing handy to replace it.

Social activities are the glue which keeps a place alive and happy, so something needs to be done to keep some joy in our lives.

There ought to be free parking in the centre of Todmorden, particularly on Mondays. It would also enourage other people to visit on that day.

A Town Hall dancer