A part of conspiracy he is unmasking

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I was also at the meeting about the proposed climate change event in Todmorden that Tony Moore writes about in his self-dramatising account (Campaigners need to keep an open mind November 20, 2014), so let me as co-ordinator of Calderdale Friends of the Earth give readers an alternative interpretation.

Mr Moore is a climate change sceptic (as he himself says) and also a conspiracy theorist. The latter are people who believe that there’s a hidden explanation to events such as 9/11 and global warming - usually involving sinister plans by world elites; the Club of Rome is a favourite candidate, others are the UN or the Bilderberg Group - that only they, the conspiracy theorists, are clever enough to have uncovered. The rest of us are just dupes. They cherrypick and misinterpret the evidence – as just the smallest example, Tony Moore cuts out the middle two inconvenient sentences from his Club of Rome quote without disclosing that he’s done that - in order to make their ‘facts’ fit whatever conspiracy idea they originally started with; and ignore the perfectly obvious explanation staring everybody else in the face.

The science behind climate change had been developing for 100 years before the Club of Rome report The First Global Revolution (published in 1991, not 1992); and the first inter-governmental assessment of that science was published in 1990, thus before the report. So the Club of Rome demonstrably are not the Global Warming Puppet Masters he claims them to be.

Consequently conspiracy theorists and climate change sceptics are inherently untrustworthy participants in this debate.

Because environmental campaigners know from long experience both that they are absolutely entitled to their views – it’s a free country - but also that they are impervious to rational argument, we also know not to get diverted into what would be an endless and pointless discussion about their inability to understand the climate change issue.

Our position on the other hand is based on the science and evidence that is there for all to see and check. It’s available online at www.ipcc.ch and represents the most comprehensive science process that has ever been organised.

Just as well because it reveals the magnitude of the global threat we all face – now, not in the future - and which has already come to bite us here locally in the 2012 and 2013 floods. Actually doing something about that threat seems to us to be the real priority.

This doesn’t, of course, stop Mr Moore expressing his views as he chooses.

But what he doesn’t appear to have noticed however is that he is actually part of the conspiracy he claims to be unmasking.

It’s been well documented that coal and oil billionaires in the US in the 1990s organised and paid for a public relations campaign to attempt to discredit the science behind climate change in order (obviously) to protect their own financial interests. They’re still doing it today and it turns out that’s it’s Tony who has become entrapped in their web of deception.

Now there’s an irony!

Anthony Rae

Hebden Bridge