A Wetherspoon will be just the tonic to revive town, so get a grip

FURTHER to the proposed plans for a Wetherspoons public house in the centre of Todmorden - I think this is great for Todmorden!

I have recently moved up here from Rochdale and see these plans as nothing but a success. Unfortunately, any proposal to improve the town centre, for instance Netto and now the Wetherspoons is greeted by some in Todmorden as abhorrent. No, no, no!

Would they prefer boarded up shops, pubs, old cinema buildings, etc? The knock on effects of this is that far from people coming to Todmorden for a day out and to walk around the shops, people will simply see the hideous appearance of the town centre and merely drive through.

I recently saw a piece on the Countrywide programme on the BBC which highlighted the plight of a market town which had a number of supermarket chains build developments in the town centre.

Local shops and market benefited because people did not want to buy all their shopping from supermarkets but prefered a local butcher or baker or vegetable stall instead.

The programme indicated that provided these developments are located near the market and not outside the town the effects were positive.

It depresses me when I see all this negative comment when someone even mentions a new development in the town. I hope the council approves these plans and makes Todmorden a prosperous place for shops, pubs and market traders alike.

Look at Bury market and take a look at the development that has also taken place there. In contrast look at Rochdale for instance, no development and a town which is nigh on empty at the weekend and one in which the market is now virtually non existent compared to the past.

Leesa Mundy

Hare Court, Todmorden.