About time whole of the town had say on matter

IT seems from your letters pages in the Todmorden News over the past few weeks that the Sainsbury’s saga will not go away, and it just shows to prove that the supermarket is desperately wanted by many of your readers at the Hope Street.

There have been, over the past few years, a protest group who have petitioned against supermarkets in the town, their argument is that it will kill off our market, I don’t recall any protest by the group when permission was granted for a large supermarket to be built up Rochdale road which is much further out of town than the land which Sainsbury’s intended to build on.

As an ex-councilor many people still get in touch with me on various issues, many having said that a Sainsbury’s would be good for many people who travel out of town to shop taking much needed revenue out of Todmorden.

Why do they shop out of town?

The answer is very simple - they want to shop at a supermarket of their choice, I would also like to bet that after they have done their shopping they will go and walk around wherever they are and look round the local shops, no doubt spending as they go revenue that Todmorden so badly needs.

There is no doubt that a Sainsbury’s would bring much needed jobs to our town plus many out of town shoppers and maybe, just maybe, after passing through the town centre and seeing the market they too, like many of our locals who go out of Todmorden would look round our market and shops, it may even get new business to open up god knows the town needs them.

Is it not about time that the whole of Todmorden have their say on whether they want a Sainsbury’s instead of just a small group who have taken it upon themselves to tell the people of Todmorden what they should and shouldn’t have?

Then our town council would have been able to have had both sides of the argument and decide on whether to accept or reject the Sainsbury’s application.

Phil Walters,

Stansfield Road,