All too beautiful...well, almost

IN spite of the weather last week, I don’t think I’ve seen Todmorden looking so pretty.

So I say a big “thank you” to Todmorden In Bloom.

The area around the centre of town is superb - the Town Hall window sills, the buckets of planters on all sides of the roads, the lovely hanging pots on the “cat walk” (is it called the “cat walk” any more?), the splendid sitting area on Halifax Road by the Methodist Church. It all looks so good.

And a “thank you” too to Incredible Edible Todmorden.

I haven’t the courage to go and pick things, but there is so much there.

You are both a credit to the town.

It’s a pity I can’t say that same of the terrible mess the Town Hall is in, to say nothing of the Olympia cinema building and Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre that I have to look at every time I wait for a bus home.

Jay Bee,