An attractive, viable, alternative

I WOULD like to express my wholehearted support for the marina development plans drawn up by Ivor Dibble.

I have lived in Todmorden for five years, a relative newcomer, and what attracted me to the town was its individuality and character, and the absolutely amazing, accesible countryside that surrounds the town on all sides.

This is what makes people want to visit the town and what makes people want to move here. It isn`t like any other town, its unique and beautiful. I believe that a marina development would enhance and complement all of these unique qualities.

I walk along the towpath on a regular basis and I`m always amazed at the number of boats thats pass through Todmorden, especially in the summer. If we had somewhere beautiful for those boats to moor they would stay here and their owners spend their hard earned money in the town.

I question those who criticise the scheme on the basis that it won’t create badly needed jobs for the town, and who support the Sainsbury’s bid for that reason. Recent research into the impact of supermarket development in small towns suggests that for every job that is created 1.5 jobs are lost from other small businesses.

One only has to see what has happened to Rawtenstall, once a thriving market town with many small shops, to realise the impact of supermarket overdevelopment.

The marina may not create a huge number of jobs in itself (although the accompanying hotel would), but the inevitable increase in tourism to the town will boost the local economy and increase the demand for goods and services.

A marina developent could, I believe, turn Todmorden into something really special. At last someone has created an attractive, viable and imaginative alternative to supermarket development.

Kay Chown, Oxford Street, Todmorden.