Art deco, yes, but a state-of-art traffic system, no thanks!


I think it is disgraceful that the art deco frontage of the Netto building would be demolished.

Far from being ugly, art deco was a fine architecture movement. Do the same councillors find the Midland Hotel at Morecambe to be ugly and believe that should be pulled down?

I live in Walsden and love the old buildings around Todmorden.

Art deco has just as much right to be saved as anything prior to the 20th century. It is the monstrosities put up in concrete in the 60s and 70s that need demolishing, not an art deco building!


Burnley Road, Todmorden.

It’s not the demolition of the art-deco facade that worries me as much as the phrase” state-of-the-art” traffic system.

Why would Tod need a junction similar to one on Oxford St in London?

We may not have Hebden Bridge’s pretty little shops but neither do we have all their traffic systems that make it a nightmare at rush hour.

A. Lord