Asda would have been boost we really need

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Well our so-called town council have done it again, another nail has just been driven into the town’s coffin with the planning refusal for Asda.

What do they think they are playing at? Time after time they have knocked back plans so that an Asda can’t get built. This time it seems that the council are very worried about a petrol station on the site saying it is too close to residential areas. So what about the petrol station down Halifax Road councillors, is that also not close to houses - Lower Laithe springs to mind, and of coures the flats straight accross the road, both would be in great danger.

It seems it’s all right for one but not for another - this shows the double standards this local council has. What will be the next objection the so-called council will knock back?

There has been a debate on Facebook where there was a resounding yes vote for the Asda store, do our councillors not want to listen to the people of Todmorden? Obviously, they don’t.

We once had a thriving town but not anymore as more buildings have been demolished with no rebuild.

We have the chance to get rid of one big eyesore and replace it with a supermarket that will not only bring in people to our town but will create jobs. Even the traders have come round to the fact that it would be good for the town and them, but dont just take my word for it go and ask them. And, of course, has anyone asked the many residents why they go out of town to shop and spend money that could be spent here in Todmorden?

Perhaps the next application for the medical centre may come from our wonderful Incredible Edible crew and we could see a working farm on the site. Of course they would have to apply for another grant from the council, but that would not be a problem would it?

I am sure we we would get lots of people to visit and look at the chickens or buy a few sticks of rhubarb etc, but I suppose anything would be better than nothing.

This council reminds me of ostriches, they bury their heads in the sand and stick their backsides in the air hoping things will be alright. Well, I have got news for you it won’t.

You all have been voted on to look after us and our town. You are not doing either. I really hope that you are proud of yourselves in refusing this appliction from Asda.

Seventeen of you said “no”, listen to the many who have said “yes” and give this town the boost it so desperately needs.

Philip Walters