Beirut comparison is irritating

DARRELL Sunderland in his letter of support for Sainsbury’s (April 21) said the town is beginning to look like Beirut. Gerald Batty said practically the same thing last year.

I find it irritating when people who would struggle to point to Beirut on a map use it as a yardstick for a derelict part of town. The war in Lebanon ended in 1990 and the city wasn’t caught in a timewarp but reconstructed on a scale never seen before using the best technology and craftsmanship.

Historic buildings were painstakingly restored and fine examples of French and Ottoman architecture were brought back to their original splendour. The city was once again worthy of its title “Paris of the Middle East”.

So please Darrell and Gerald, in future could you pick an area that really is in a poor condition before you hark back to a war which ended 21 years ago. The current conflict in Libya should give you some ideas, as comparing Beirut to that patch of decrepit wasteland off Halifax Road is as offensive as it is inaccurate.

Darren Midgley, Todmorden.