Bernard, Finn and David - change the record

According to the Calder Valley’s most innovative and insightful entrepreneur the correspondence pages of your paper are “as ever” one of the best features (letters, August 16).

Dare I suggest not when they give a forum to people to continuously repeat and regurgitate the same arguments ad nauseam.

By now even the most insular reader must be aware that Bernard Ingham is a great aficionado of nuclear power, Finn Jenson favours wind farms and David Fletcher continues to champion harnessing the tides.

This thin debate has raged on and off for the last five years with your paper giving hundreds of column inches to each of the three proposers.

The situation has become akin to a written version of tinnitus - no matter how you shake your head the constant ringing will not go away.

Is it not time to draw a line under your correspondents and acknowledge that we have heard what all three have said and dare I say it we are now capable of making up our own minds without further assistance from self appointed experts.

In this context I well remember a headteacher saying early in my teaching career that the only thing that you need to do to be an expert is to call yourself one!

In rather more blunt terms Mr Fletcher, Mr Ingham and Mr Jensen please give it a bleeding rest.

Peter Wilkinson,