Best use: what we all want

WE would like the opportunity to respond to Mr Darrell Sunderland’s letter (August 18) - we were also present at the planning meeting in question, along with a hundred other people who will vouch for our words.

Firstly, in his account he mentions marina plans from years back being ignored and implied the marina project to be a non-viable proposition. At the planning meeting he stated on several occasions that it was actually a friend who tried to get a marina on said site and not a developer. This would seem that he was in favour of a marina project when it was first suggested.

Secondly, he said he was being “heckled” whilst speaking in favour of Sainburys. What happened was Mr Sunderland decided to make the issue personal by rudely stating “workers on the market are doing nothing better than being part of a ‘Mickey Mouse Holiday Club’where market holders turned up for a couple of hours work for low pay and with no paid holidays”.

Everyone gasped at his blatant rudeness but nothing more.

A hundred people gasping is quite a noise but heckling? No!

Finally, when asked by one the planning officers if he really wanted a Sainsburys in Todmorden or did he want the site put to good use, he agreed to the latter. This is what we all want!

We would like to ask if the people of Todmorden want to lose a local market, run by local people and supplied by local businesses in favour of yet another faceless supermarket and continue the decimation of Todmorden’s “market town” status?

Mrs K Hoyle and Mrs J Watt, Walsden.