Bus issue should still be rectified

On Sunday last (May 27), I was left stranded at Hardcastle Crags by the failure of the 5pm 906 bus to turn up.

This was the last bus of the day from the Crags.

There were also 10 other passengers, including elderly people young children waiting for this service. Opting to walk back into into Hebden Bridge was not an option for myself, following a recent operation that has left me with limited mobility.

Fortunately a very kind family from Leeds, who had been visiting the Crags gave me a lift back into town.

My experience of being let down by our local bus service, operated by Tyrer buses, is not unique, particularly over the last two months, when the Hebden Bridger service has deteriorated rapidly.

From my own experience of regularly using the ‘C’ bus, I can say that at least 50 per cent of the buses never turn up.

They may be relinquishing their contract soon, but at present they are surely still legally obliged to provide the agreed timetabled service.

Why are Metro and our local councillors (who are aware of the problems) not doing anything to rectify this?

Michael Horne, Hebden Bridge.