But 7,000 did not sign petition

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After reading that Craig Whitaker has declared himself to be against Sainsbury`s being allowed to open another supermarket I feel I must pass comment.

Although 4000 (out of 11000) people signed a petition against the development surely this means that there are 7000 who did not. Just because these people do not make a big thing of it does it mean that they must be ignored.

Surely market forces will mean that if there is not enough trade for an extra supermarket then one will have to close, and which would we rather have, a derelict and neglected eyesore or a supermarket providing a few much needed jobs for local people.

As for the market, the local authority killed that by charging people to bring their cars with them, and before that (if people remember) the market traders hogged all the spaces anyway.

Keith Pickering,