Calderdale will most likely grant approval

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JOB sorted then? Our town council now recommends refusal of the supermarket and we can all sleep safely now knowing that it will get refused? I hardly think so! Calderdale Council, I fear, will most likely grant permission.

Yet didn’t we Tod folk elect our town councillors to act in the town’s best interest which is what they are doing. Were this situation to arise in France once the local council takes the decision that’s it, it directly affects the community et voila!

I’m happy to see our MP stand behind the non-development of this site as another supermarket.

Like he says, once its built the long term development options are dead and buried!

This site offers Todmorden a once and for all opportunity to expand tourism. Look at our beautifull town’s assets, the hill walks, mountain biking, horse riding, bridleways, the canal walks and usage of the canal, the park, the architecture etc, etc.

I would rather see it remain in its present state until we are through this recession when a developer is most likely to surface to take on the challenge of building the Marina.

I would also like to challenge the results of the ‘survey’ carried out which show an increase from 42 per cent to 79 per cent in favour of the supermarket. I feel that the question they asked, most likely outside another branch of Sainsburys, was do you prefer this design to that design, I would have voted for the ammended design myself! I fear this ‘survey’ had nothing to do with does Tod want a supermarket.

I was on the market this Saturday talking to a well known trader who has been on the outside market for years now.

He thought that the old health centre site could be re-developed as a smaller supermarket type of development which could work in conjunction with the existing Market Hall.

Whether it’s Sainsburys or Morrisons, it doesn’t really matter so long as the car parking is free for users. This would then bring in more shoppers who would undoubtedly spend more time in the town too.

So get talking to those traders to see how the re-development of this site can benefit them and in the meantime let’s hope that the wishes of Todmorden Town Council are upheld.


Broadstone Street,