Can he assure temporary service will cover all town?

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Both officially and postally residents of Rochdale Road, Todmorden, even those living in Shade, Gauxholme and Walsden, are part of Todmorden.

As all these ratepayers are to lose the Eastwood recycling facility during a busy period of garden waste disposal one looks to the promised fortnightly collections to replace services while repairs are undertaken.

Can Coun Collins (July 24 story) assure us that the temporary waste disposal services, including fortnightly collections of garden waste, for selected parts of Todmorden will actually cover the aforesaid areas of Greater Todmorden?

Should this not be the case then we look to a reduction in Council Tax during the interim reduction in public services.

I understand that several members of the public have suggested the provision of skips (open or closed) for use by any ratepayers who may be deprived of the fortnightly garden waste collections promised for residents of Todmorden postal addresses.

I further request that all replacement access platforms at Eastwood be made a foot higher to allow smaller ratepayers to reach easily above the skips, an exercise currently rather difficult but for helpful staff taking our loads.

M D St G Kirke

Rochdale Road, Walsden