Careful we don’t swap one empty site for another

I have been reading the articles and letters on the supermarket versus marina debate with much interest.

So far I have seen no mention of Morrisons, at least directly. This is surprising. If Morrisons move away from Todmorden because of loss of custom to a new Sainsbury’s, this town will have a much more difficult empty site to find a new use for.

The canal site is in a prime position for any number of uses, not just supermarket expansion, but, I wonder if Todmorden has accidently become part of a supermarket power struggle for market share.

There has been a lot of talk about jobs to be created by another supermarket, when the experience of other towns seems to be that jobs are also lost from other small retailers, cancelling out many of the gains.

A hotel with a good restaurant and facilities would provide jobs, and certainly Todmorden needs places for people to stay if we are to attract visitors to spend money in the town.

We are so blessed in this town. The problem is, very few people can choose to stay for a night or two here, even if they want to. We lose these people to Hebden Bridge and other towns that welcome visitors. That could be at least partly corrected through the hotel and marina scheme.

One concern I do have about the marina scheme was expressed in your paper last week and I hope this can be addressed imaginatively. Winter could be a bleak time; no boats, no visitors, no work. Could a manufacturing boat yard, or some permanent work space, be included? Could the hotel include facilities to attract people all year round?

Sarah Pennie,

Ewood Lane,