Cash on police ‘eyes and ears’ well spent

I RECENTLY responded to a question asked by your newspaper as to whether the £21,000 committed by Todmorden Council to continue to sponsor two PCSOs would benefit Todmorden and suggested that more information would be required before an answer could be given.

In a response to my letter Sandra Peach wrote to the newspaper and suggested that I and any other interested parties should attend a PACT meeting to learn more about the workings of our local policing team.

There was a PACT meeting on April 21 at Todmorden Town Hall and I attended as suggested.

At the meeting I spoke to a police officer and asked him for his opinion of the contribution made to our community by the PCSOs and he told me that the work they did being the eyes and ears of the local force and doing jobs that the regular officers don’t have time to do is invaluable.

With that and more information that he gave me in support of the PCSOs I am now perfectly happy to say that I believe the sponsorship money was money well spent.

Terry Sharphouse,

Commercial Street, Todmorden