Chance of 150 jobs has been taken away

OH Todmorden, what have you done!

You have allowed another low cost supermarket in, yet rejected an up-market store.

The number of Tesco and Ocado vans whizzing around should tell you there is a market for quality and choice.

Morrisons is a good supermarket but too small to give customers a variety and choice. You can’t talk about a tourist attraction - a marina would only serve the canal with over-priced trips that families can’t afford (it’s been done all too often) and who would use a hotel?

This area services walkers and hikers (the flask and butty brigade). They won’t spend or use any facility in Tod other than a cafe but they would use the shops if they were themed.

Once again you are losing another retail business. The London catwalk designer Makepiece is moving to Hebden Bridge, a great loss for the town.

Open your eyes. This town is slowly decaying, a structure of charity shops, cafes and hairdressers will not bring tourism. You have taken away the chance for 150 families to hold their head high and also 50 to 70 construction jobs for the new building.

It’s outrageous and narrow-minded thinking.

Todmorden is a main corridor and catchment area for Hebden, Halifax etc. You would have gained, not lost, with this project. Perhaps it’s time for a committee change. It’s easy making decisions when you’re in employment and not claiming JSA.

Utilise your history, which is “the river, the mill and the wheel”. The canal came later. Turn Tod into a Victorian attraction, get the retailers on board with Victorian colours to their shop frontage. Tourism is also about nostalgia, the smell of the chemist shop, selling humbugs and gob-stoppers.

If you want to stay in the past, approach it professionally with the expertise from your local historians.

Carly, Todmorden.