Cheats will prosper

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I have just taxed my car and will be one of the last to have been issued with a paper tax disc.

If only my tax had been due next month instead of this month when ANPR (automatic number plate recogniton) comes into force.

I could then have looked for a car the same make and colour as mine parked outside a respectable house, taken a note of its registration number and had some forged plates made up. This would have saved me about £1,000 on tax and insurance and since the MAXIMUM fine fr driving without tax is only £1,000 I would have been no worse off if I had been caught and the more years I escaped being caught the better off I would be.

I won’t do this of course but you can bet your life many dishonest motorists will and we will have even more uninsured and untaxed vehicles on the road than we do now, which will push our motoring costs up even higher to subsidise the cheats.

Why don’t these government organisations consult with us more before making their ivory tower decisions? Well, we know why don’t we? It doesn’t make any difference to them if we all have to pay more. They will still keep their jobs and enjoy their gold plated pensions no matter how incompetent they are.

Derrick Arnott

Hebden Bridge